Friday, January 15, 2010

More News from Haiti

Remember, we can help by sending money. We can also help by sending energy. To read more, see Healing Our Communities.

Reports are that 30,000 or more people have been killed in the current earthquake. People are seriously injured and the local hospital has collapsed. The medical services are overwhelmed.

The hospital has collapsed. Local aid agencies and medical services are overwhelmed.

Lack of electricity means people are having to be rescued by hand and planes are also having to be unloaded by hand.

Lack of water means that more people will be dying.

Bodies piling up will lead to the spread of disease.

Wyclef Jean is helping out, picking up bodies all day.

For up to date information, see the Haiti Support Group.

There are many places you can donate money, including the relief fund set up by Wyclef Jean. This blog also gives some historical context.

See also: The Haiti Earthquake Response Group.

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