Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Help at Last for Haiti

At last, some aid is getting through to the people of Haiti.

The U.S. armed forces are dropping supplies. This has been criticised as the supplies are not necessarily reaching the people who need them most. At least, this is a start, although some say this will lead to riots as people fight over food and other supplies.

Click here to donate blood for Haiti.

Click here for more about how you can help.

The current death toll is reported as 200,000 but this is sure to rise due to shortages of water and other supplies, as well as medical help. Many people are suffering serious injuries.

Historically, Haiti has been impoverished from slavery onwards. However, the people of Haiti have always fought back against oppression. Check out this video posted on All about Race, in which the Haitian Ambassador to the United States describes how the Haitian Revolution liberated South America. Simon Bolivar travelled from Haiti.

The whole region and the European powers, which held colonies which were worked by slave labour, as well as the United States, were all shook up by the Haitian Revolution. The country has been used as a political football ever since. To read more, see Two Films about Haiti. See also, African People's Self-Liberation.

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