Friday, January 01, 2010

What Is Your Vision for 2010?

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What is your vision for 2010? What change or improvement do you most want to see?

I know that real change is possible. I’ve seen it and I’ve created it myself, in my own life and in other people’s. You can create it too.

My vision for 2010 is for everyone to have a better life. Yes, I do mean everyone. Including you.

A world in which everyone has enough to eat, to spare and to share, in which children do not go to bed hungry.

A world in which there is no conflict in Iraq. In which there is no need to send troops into Afghanistan, or anywhere else.

A world in which violence is not seen as a solution. In which there is no domestic violence. Where parents do not beat their children or use intimidation to control them.

A world in which there are no so-called "honour killings".

A world in which women and children are not trafficked for the sex trade.

A world in which people do not exploit each other.

A world in which children are not drugged and forced to fight as child soldiers, amputating people’s hands or killing adults and each other.

A world in which the economies of whole communities do not depend on the drug trade.

A world in which tasers and other forms of police violence are not used to control the population.

A world in which people are not executed, where human life is respected, and all life is treated as sacred.

A world in which we find solutions to resolve our differences in ways that respect the needs of all concerned. In which we all live together in peace and harmony.

My vision for 2010 is for peace on earth. I’m sure you share this vision. I sure know I can’t do this on my own. We need to work together on this one.

Peace on earth is totally achievable. By us. Together.

We can heal our families. We can heal our communities. We can heal the world.

When people of African heritage succeed and prosper, everyone all over the world benefits from our success.

Peace on earth begins within – within each of us. When we create inner peace, this points the way to how we can create peace on our planet.

This is not a vision just for 2010, it’s for the rest of my life, and yours, and your children’s lives, and their children’s, and so on.

We can change the world. We can create global prosperity and global peace. Together, we can achieve this.

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If you are willing to join with me to create our shared vision, join:

Nurture Success for people of African heritage.

The Key to Everything for everyone.

Here’s to your success in 2010.

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