Sunday, August 07, 2011

Tottenham Riot: I Saw This Coming

Probably a lot of people saw this coming. I sure did.

Click here for a video on the Tottenham riot last night.

I've been saying for months now, expect a summer of rioting. I thought we might have been spared because the weather had turned cloudy and temperatures were down. But no.

The sun came out and it was lovely, warm and sunny. And then the police decided to shoot somebody.

At least one eyewitness said that Mark Duggan was lying on the ground when the officers shot him.

Cuts, layoffs and redundancies. Pensions are shrinking. Tuition fees are rising. Then the police decide to shoot somebody. In Tottenham, a Black community with a history of tensions with the police.

Somebody please convince me this is not a conspiracy.

See also: Death of Smiley Culture.

We need to focus on solutions. There is a solution to this problem if we take a positive approach - the methods of the past do not work. Not for us. And ultimately, not for anybody.

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