Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Targeting the Black Community

The African Caribbean community is now being scapegoated - we are being blamed for the riots and violent disorder of last week. Like the riots, this was entirely predictable.

Click here for a positive alternative - the African Caribbean Family Leadership Project.

One caller on The Wright Stuff this morning said that people who use Patois are violent. The guest presenter did nothing to challenge him on this.

Patois is spoken by many people including parents, teachers and community leaders.

This call was in response to remarks by historian David Starkey, who claimed that Black culture is violent and that the infamous "rivers of blood" speech by Enoch Powell was right.

What is this if not incitement to violence against the Black community. Apparently, links to the English Defence League (EDF) website have been added to Starkey's video on YouTube.

This is just the thin end of the wedge. Expect more of the same.

Click here for a positive alternative - the African Caribbean Family Leadership Project.

Commentators including Bishop Dr. Derek Webley, Chair of the West Midlands Police Authority, and Sgt. Winston Christie, Interim Chair of the Black and Asian Police Association, have stated clearly that the riots were not just to do with Black people - they reflect the disaffection of many young people in British society today.

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Black Women in Europe said...

Hi Zhana. Have you shared your final thoughts post-rioting? I would like to share your thoughts on my blog. Send me the link to a summary post if you have one.

Zhana21 said...

What a great suggestion, BWIE. Thank you for this.

However, my thoughts are not "final" as I believe the riots will continue.

Check it out: