Thursday, August 25, 2011

Why My Book Is Not for Everyone

Success Strategies for Black PeopleMy book Success Strategies for Black People is not for everyone.

That's because many people of African heritage are not ready to take the steps necessary to bring about positive change.

They are too busy looking for something else to do it.

Looking for a solution for "us", for the Black community, rather than facing up to the fact that positive change starts with the individual. Positive change starts with self.

When we know and understand how to bring about positive change for ourselves, in our own lives, we understand how others in our families and communities can use these methods to bring about the change they need, too.

Harriet Tubman has been an inspiration for me since I was a child - more than 40 years now. A few months ago, I learned that the first time she ran away, she went back to the plantation.

She ran away with her brothers, and they all turned back.

Eventually, she made the decision to run away on her own. Once she took that step, she found others who helped her and gave her the support she needed.

Having proved that it was possible, Harriet was then able to go back time and time again, to lead many others to freedom.

Learn the lessons of history. We need to be willing to take that first step. Then we will see how to encourage others to do the same - for the benefit of our Black families and our Black communities.

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Here's to your success!

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