Tuesday, August 09, 2011

More Violence in London

The violence in London is continuing. Since Saturday night, the rioting and looting in Tottenham and Enfield have spread to Hackney and Bethnal Green in East London, Brixton and Clapham in Southwest London, Lewisham and Peckham in Southeast London, Croydon to the South.

Now the violence has spread outside of London to Birmingham, Bristol and Liverpool.

As I said a couple of days ago, I Saw This Coming.

People are complaining because the police are slow to respond, but they are clearly overstretched. They seem to be making it up as they go along. It will not surprise me if there are troops on the streets by the end of the week, like what happened in Detroit in 1967.

Mayor Boris Johnson and Prime Minister David Cameron refused to break off their holidays at first, but as the violence has spread, they are both now heading back home.

For those of us who have been here, the situation is very tense. We don't know where the violence will break out next.

The terrible incident which led to the death of Mark Duggan is not the cause of this. That incident was just the catalyst. I feel terribly sad for his family and the grief they are experiencing.

It stopped being about that a long time ago, though.

And it's not about the Black community. White English youths are out there rioting. Turkish young people, Eastern European immigrants are out there, too. Not just young people, older people are out on the streets.

Home Secretary Theresa May keeps saying this is "criminality", and of course, this is true. But it's missing the point.

I saw this coming because people are angry. People have been angry for months.

I saw this coming because the government is not listening.

Be very clear. I am not condoning the violence and mayhem.

I am saying it was inevitable and could be predicted months ago. In fact, I predicted it.

Don't know what's going to happen next, but it won't be good.

And it won't surprise me if the Black community takes the brunt of any repercussions.

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