Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Henry Bonsu Sacked

Remember the day Henry Bonsu was sacked by the BBC for being 'too intellectual'? Click here to read all about it.
In my new book, Black Success Stories, Henry gives me all the details about what happened and why he is no longer on the Wright Stuff, and talks about life after the BBC. He also talks about how we need to return to the spirit of Ujamaa, co-operative economics, when Black people would work together to achieve their goals.
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Do Black Consumers Buy Black?

As we know, one of the seven principles, or Nguzo Sabo, of Kwanzaa is Ujamaa - co-operative economics.
Yet people on my e-mail list, Black Business UK, tell me Black people won't buy from them. I've asked why, but no one has offered me any answers.
Click here to read this article.
In my free e-book, More Black Success Vol. 2, Tim Campbell, winner of The Apprentice UK, talks about the need to return to co-operative economics like we had in the old days. To order your copy, click here.
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