Monday, September 08, 2014

8 Key Points for Global Networking

I'm the author of Success Strategies for Black People and the author and publisher of numerous ebooks including Shaking the Money Tree and the More Black Success ebooks.  

To produce my online radio broadcasts and my books and ebooks, I have connected with, and interviewed, Black millionaires, business experts, and people from a range of different cultural backgrounds, countries, occupations and walks of life.  

Listen below for my 8 Key Points for Global Networking. 

Do you wonder how to get started networking?  Do you feel too shy or embarrassed to approach people at networking events?  

How do you decide whom you want to approach?  And how do you approach them?  

What networking mistakes do you need to avoid?  
How can networking help you to grow your business?  

Listen below for my 8 Key Points for Global Networking.