Friday, December 29, 2017

Books to Help You Prosper

Do you want to have more money in the new year?   Better finances?  Better career prospects? If so, what is stopping you?   What is getting in your way?

I can offer you highly effective methods to help you achieve your goals and experience greater prosperity in the coming year – through working just a few minutes every day. Starting NOW. 

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I highly recommend these titles.  But in the end, it's about taking responsibility.  You are responsible for your own success.  So it's up to you!  

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Here's to your success! 

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Have More Money in the New Year

We need to build our Black-owned businesses and our Black comunities economically and in every other way - I am sure you are aware of this. 

Positive change begins with self - with the individual.  And when we work together, we are so much stronger.  

I can help you make major positive changes in your life. The time to start is now, today. You can start to change your results now, in this very moment. Take action for just a few minutes every day and you can start to improve your results in any area of your life. 

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Also check out this review of What They Don't Want Us to Know

Here's to your success in 2018!  

Monday, October 16, 2017

The Week of Nonviolence 2017

Dr, Stephanie Myers
Listen below to find out: 

What is the background to the Week of Nonviolence?  How did it first come about?  

What are the goals of the Week of Nonviolence?  

What events are being planned for the Week of Nonviolence?  How to get involved?  

How does violence affect Black communities and other communities all over the world?  And what can we do to transform the culture of violence?  

I was joined by Dr. Stephanie Myers, Co-Chair of Black Women for Positive Change. 

The Week of Nonviolence was founded by Black Women for Positive Change in 2014 and is in its fourth year. 

Go here for more about the Week of Nonviolence 2017

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Rashan Charles's Death

Another Black man, Rashan Charles, has died in suspicious circumstances involving the police  I wish I could say I am even a little surprised.  I really do.  

There was a mostly peaceful protest in Hackney, East London, last night, near where Rashan's death occurred.  But the local community are understandably angry. 

We MUST change this narrative.  And we can.  

What will you share with the Blogging Carnival for Nonviolence 2017

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See also:  590 Deaths in Police Custody.  

Friday, May 12, 2017

Children and Knife Crime

Knives Taken from Schoolchildren
Let's talk about solutions.  

In the news today, we learn about the increase in children bringing weapons into school, particularly knives.  

This is in the news now, but it is something I have been very concerned about for some time.  I am particularly concerned about violence within Black communities, but this is something that affects ALL communities.  Listen below for more.  

Click here for my interview with Ike Lasater.  

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Dr. Boyce Watkins: Millennials Will Die in Debt

Dr. Boyce Watkins
If you are a millennial, or the parent of a millennial, and you want to avoid building up a mountain of student debt, you need to read my ebook Shaking the Money Tree.

According to Dr. Boyce Watkins, millennials will be the first generation of people to die in debt.

There have always been people who have died in debt.  People used to die in debtors' prisons.  Sharecroppers routinely died in debt to their landlords.

What he is really focusing on is student debt.  I think what he means is that there is a whole generation of people who will die still trying to pay off their student debts, and bequeathing those debts to those who inherit their estates.

This is a terrible shame.  However, there are lots of ways to avoid this fate.

Shaking the Money Tree shows  you proven, effective methods for raising funding for your education.  It takes you through the process step by step.

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Like Dr. Watkins, I am committed to empowering the Black community.  I do agree with Dr. Watkins when he says that Black people simply do not have the same opportunities white people do.  Even if we have a quality education, we cannot count on having the same earning power.

But I think EVERYONE has the right to an education.  If you choose to attend university and get a degree, you should be able to do so without building up a mountain of debt.

Here's to your success!