Tuesday, July 07, 2020

How Can We Create a Peaceful World? Part 4

How Can We Ceate a Peaeful World? 
In the second half of my "Success Strategies" online radio show, we continued our discussion on “How Can We Create a Peaceful World?”. If you missed parts 1-3 of this discussion, go here to listen to them.  
But you don't need to listen to them before hearing this one.  Listen below. 

I was not happy with the way this discussion went.  We got sidetracked and didn't really address the question.  

I do not personally believe that guns, or any weapons, bring about peace.  The police are killing Black folks, our children are killing each other, children are walking into their schools  and opening fire, killing teachers and other children.  That is NOT peace.  

Dr. Boyce Watkins says that more Black people were killed by gun violence in Chicago in one weekend than died of coronavirus in the entire state of Illinois.  

That Trump idiot is promoting the "us and them" mentality.  That does NOT bring about peace.  

It's obvious:  to end violence, we must be nonviolent.  

To create a peaceful world, we need to work together for everyone's benefit.  

These are my opinions.  I want to hear yours.  Please leave your comments below and please join us for Part 5, which will broadcast in the beginning of August.  

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Monday, July 06, 2020

Does Black History Really Matter?

London Black History Walks
I very much enjoyed this conversation with Brother Tony Warner of London Black History Walks.  

As always, he shared loads of Black history information and details.  Listening to Brother Tony is an education. 

Listen below.  

We discussed:
  • Are people in the UK aware of Black history in Britain, the United States and elsewhere?
  • And are African Americans aware of Black British history?
  • What has been the contribution of Black women to Black history?
  • How have Black women been represented in history and in film?
  • African Odysseys films - how and why did they come into being, and what is the significance of this ongoing series?

One thing that came out of this discussion was the importance of sharing this information globally.  People in the United States are unaware of UK Black history, and often know nothing about the experience of Black people globally.

I urge you to attend Black history walks, talks, films, and, now, bus tours and boat trips with London Black History Walks (once the lockdown is lifted).

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I have Black history quizzes for all the family on my Coronavirus Resources page. 

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