Monday, April 08, 2019

NFL Player Left behind $37 Million Dollar Contract so He Could Feed the Needy

Jason Brown
Have you heard about the NFL player who ...?  Normally, what follows is bad news.  But this one is different.  

I find this story moving and inspiring, and I trust that you will, too.  Jason Brown left his job - his contract for $37 million with the St. Louis Rams - because he wanted to make a difference.  Go here to read Jason Brown's story on Financial Juneteenth

Most of us don't have access to Jason Brown's level of resources.  But we can each still contribute to our communities.  And many of our sports stars and entertainers keep their charitable works under wraps. 

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Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Wealth-Building for Black Folks

Black Wealth Matters
The purpose of the books and ebooks I have written and published, and many of the blogs I have posted, is to help you to achieve your goals.  If you want to build wealth, pay attention!  This is the stuff they don't want us to know! 

Many of the resources I have posted are specifically for Black folks, i.e. people of African heritage.  Plus I have other resources for everyone - including people of African heritage.  

I am listing a few of my wealth-building resources below.  When I say you can learn how to achieve any goal, I really do mean ANY goal.  We each have a strong connection to the universe.  We need to get out of our own way!  These are resources to help us build successful, prosperous Black families and communities. 

I am committed to helping Black people to achieve our highest potential.  This is part of my commitment to global prosperity and global peace.  

I am a member of the global Black community.  If you are on the African continent or in the Diaspora -  wherever you are in the world - I am speaking to you right now.  If you are a parent, teacher or educator, if you are a business owner, pay attention!  This is the stuff they don't want us to know! 

What are you doing to build wealth - for yourself, for your family and for your community?  Please comment below.  

Please share this blog post with anyone who can benefit from it. 

Here's to your success!  

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