Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Inner Harmony

Sometimes we discover things about ourselves that we don't like, and sometimes the differrent parts of ourselves conflict.  Check out the audio below on inner harmony.  

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Creating Nonviolent Solutions

I am always saying that, as Black people, we have enormous power, but we don’t use the power that we have.

I am sure that, like me, you were shocked and sickened by the recent attack on a soldier in Woolwich, South London. And my heart goes out to the family of the victim, and to the families of the attackers. I think they must have been very disturbed people. And they must have been very frustrated by the injustices they have seen.

In the end, we have to decide what kind of world we really want to live in.

I agree that the attacks on innocent men, women and children are horrific, and many, although not all, of them have been on people in Muslim countries. And as we know, African people and African countries have been under attack for many years and for many generations. So this is not about religion, as I see it, this is about the kind of brutality that human beings inflict upon one another.

But in the end, we have to decide what kind of world we live in. We can give in to these impulses to inflict violence on others, or we can choose a peaceful solution. And there are peaceful solutions. Practical solutions. This is what I have written about in SuccessStrategies for Black People. There are many ways to find peaceful, practical, nonviolent solutions.

It’s up to us. It’s up to you and me. Do we want our children to grow up in a world of fear and hatred? I know that is not my plan for the future.

We have enormous power. We need to use the power we have to create the kind of world we want to live in, and the kind of world we want our children to live in.
We can transform these situations. We can create a better world.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Black Success: Double Your Income in 30 Days

Double Your Income

I have updated this post a little.  

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Your Best Business Strategy

What is your best business strategy?  This is one of the questions I asked Coach Kevin, author of From Ghetto to Greatness, in More Black Success Volume 8.  

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Not Gonna Fall in Your Lap

"It's not just gonna fall in your lap." These are some wise words from legendary film director Spike Lee.  Click here to watch the video on Spike Lee's advice to aspiring filmmakers
Did you know it took him 20 years to make the Malcolm X film, from inception to the final production? 

Too many of our people are waiting for something to drop into their laps - waiting for some hero, leader or saviour to rescue them.  That's what I said in "Do You Play the Lottery?"  Please check this out and leave your comments there.