Friday, May 19, 2006

Maafa Photographs

These were sent to me by Nu-Beyond and I just had to post them along with this message:

Please check out the following, which for Nu-Beyond put any talk of empty apologies and misguided attempts to use historical amnesia to gloss over the horrors of the MAAFA, The Afrikan Holocaust, into their proper, meaningless context.

Keep the faith

Sumari Healing Song

While you were sleeping,
all the cupboards of the earth were filled.
Mother Earth sought out each need.

While you were weeping,
your tears fell as sweet rain drops on small parched hills
that rise in worlds you cannot see,
though you are known there.

While you were sleeping,
Mother Earth filled all the cupboards of your flesh to overflowing.
Not one atom went uncomforted in worlds that are yours,
but beyond your knowing.

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Keywords: Black History, African American, African Diaspora, Slavery, Slave Trade

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