Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The Truth about Black Writers (3)


In More Black Success Volumes 7 and 9, Black writers spill the beans. They are very real about their writing and their writing process.

Nahisha McCoy’s novel Sweetest Revenge serves as a warning to young women not to let a man or a relationship dominate your life.

She says:
I began writing when I was in public school. I use to tell a lot of lies when I was younger and my Aunt Barbara (R.I.P) told me that I should be able to write stories because I have a huge imagination.

I wrote this book because I was a young woman who was going through a bad relationship. I didn’t have anyone that I could trust, or to talk to about what was going on and I felt like I was dying a slow and unloved death. I had to get what I was feeling out so I put it on paper.
To read more, click here to download your free copies of MBS 7 and 9.

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