Monday, July 02, 2012

The Black Wall Street - Before They Die

Saw this awesome Black history film screened by Black History Studies last week.  

"The Black Wall Street" was  the name given to the thriving community of Greenwood, Oklahoma, which boasted several millionaires.  In 1921, Greenwood was attacked and destroyed by white people envious of its success. 

Some of those who were children at the time, and saw their homes and community destroyed, are still alive now.  "Before They Die" is the title of a documentary about the elderly survivors' fight for justice. 

Click here for more about The Black Wall Street and to watch the trailer for "Before They Die". 

The attack on The Black Wall Street was a horrible atrocity.  But we can help the survivors to get justice.  We can bring about positive change.  We have the power to transform the situation.

We can learn from history.  The ancestors want us to heal these terrible, terrible wounds from the past and create the future we deserve. 

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We can bring about peace and harmony for ourselves.  We can bring about joy and abundance for ourselves and for those around us.

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