Thursday, March 03, 2011

Black Business Success: What U Need to Know Preview

I recently recorded a preview of March 12th's edition of What U Need to Know, which will focus on Black business success. To listen to it, see below.

I talked about a recent interview with Cathy Hughes in which she described how people will try to discourage business owners, even when these people have our best interests at heart. She said,
In my case it was my mother, I can’t tell you…my mother would
cry, she would beg me, “Please get a government job, you’re in
Washington D.C. You’re smart and people like you, Give Up!
You’re sleeping on a floor in a sleeping bag. Cathy, people
think you’ve lost your mind; they think you’ve had a nervous
breakdown, what’s wrong with you. Go get a good Government job and stop trying…”

My mother was not trying to stop me from being a successful Entrepreneur, she was worried about me, and she was scared for me. I had lost everything to try to hold on to this business and she was ready for me to throw in the towel out of love and
protection. But guess what? It was also so discouraging.
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