Monday, April 25, 2011

The Truth about Black Writers (2)

Your Greater Self: An A-Z Guide to Becoming The Person You Most AdmireIn More Black Success Volumes 7 and 9, Black writers spill the beans. They are very real about their writing and their writing process.

Antwan McClean’s book Your Greater Self: An A-Z Guide to Becoming the Person You Most Admire encourages people to fulfil their highest potential.

He says:
A former author and current PhD student advised me to "write from my heart". I was struggling with the issues of making certain that my book was marketable, catchy, and essentially everything to all people. He advised that the most part of any artistic expression is to remain true to your own voice. It changed my entire outlook.

To read more, click here to download your free copies of MBS 7 and 9.

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