Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Truth about Black Writers

CHAINED AND BOUND a novel (1)In More Black Success Volumes 7 and 9, Black writers spill the beans about:

- how to come up with ideas
- what inspires them
- the problems they face as writers
- suggestions for new writers

and more.

They are very real about their writing and their writing process.

Allyson Campbell has written a number of books. Her novel Chained and Bound describes what it is like for a woman to survive an abusive relationship.

She says:
In writing Chained & Bound, I was inspired by the knowledge of ladies who are experiencing abuse of some sort. It was supposed to be a short story, but once I started to write, I couldn't stop.
To read more, click here to download your free copies of MBS 7 and 9.

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